Services Offered through ACE

Returning to the workforce is intimidating at first, but it becomes quite a bit more manageable once you’ve had a chance to break it down and prepare for it one piece at a time. The ACE program offers one on one employment counseling for people who are living with mental health or addiction. Our employment counselors assist clients in a number of ways, including:

As well as additional services:

RTWAP-350Return To Work Action Plan (RTWAP)

The RTWAP identifies the steps that need to be taken to accomplish your employment goals, and may also identify the barriers preventing you from being hired or keeping a job. It can help you determine if there is any training, education or upgrading you'll need to overcome these barriers, and help you lay out short- and long-term plans to help you work towards a meaningful career.


Resume and Cover Letter Preparationresume-350

A cover letter tells an employer why you’re qualified for the job, while expressing interest in the company, while a resume shows them a specific list of accomplishments and qualifications. Both are key elements in finding a job, which is why the ACE program will help you determine what you should say to ensure you make a positive impression on your prospective employer.

interview-350Interview Preparation and Techniques

Being interviewed will always be stressful. Even when you’ve had a good deal of experience, it’s perfectly natural to feel some pressure whenever you’re being interviewed. After all, you’re selling yourself and your skills to someone who you’ve never met before. At ACE, we help to alleviate some of that pressure through extensive preparation, techniques, and mock interviews.

Job Search Strategiessearch-350

Job searching isn't just about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview anymore; the most successful job seekers use a variety of job search strategies to help them stand out from the large number of people looking for work in Ontario. Employment counselors at the ACE program can help you find the best strategy to help you not only find a job, but also to raise your chances of getting it.

internet-350Internet Job Search

The Internet is a powerful job search tool that can expand your search across a multitude of factors: It stretches your connections across local and provincial boundaries, employs online listing databases and powerful job search tools, and gives you access to sites, resources, and possibilities you may not have considered. Navigating the internet can be difficult if you are not accustomed to it, and our employment counselors can help you locate specific job search sites for your geographical area and skill set.


If you feel that you, or someone close to you, could benefit from these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email, or apply today by filling out our downloadable application form.